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Which is the best data quality tool: Ataccama or Trillium?

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Ataccama ONE and Precisely Trillium Quality are both impressive data quality tools to complement your data strategy. But which one is right for you? Learn more in our personal review of the two platforms.

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What is Atacama ONE?

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Atacama ONE is a collaboration platform designed to thrive in a variety of business environments. It delivers self-directed governance and management through the unification of data quality, data governance and master data management.

Ataccama ONE delivers one unified platform for data quality, data governance and master data management, along with a data catalog. Free tools in Ataccama include a one-click data profiler, with data preparation and a freemium data catalog coming later in 2022. Users can also create free accounts. In addition, Ataccama’s professional service team ensures that customers successfully implement their Ataccama initiatives. The company spans the entire solution lifecycle to ensure customers derive value from these implementations.

However, there is a significant learning curve for new users when integrating Ataccama ONE with other cloud data management platforms. Users have also previously reported a handful of performance issues.

What exactly is Trillium quality?

Right emblem.
Image: Exactly

Precise Trillium quality is a versatile solution for turning confused data into trusted business information. It offers flexible deployment options and both batch and real-time data quality capabilities that support evolving data needs, resources, and business infrastructures.

Trillium Quality accelerates the success of its customers’ advanced analytics and machine learning initiatives. It ensures that these initiatives get off to a fast and prosperous start. With Trillium Quality, users enjoy an accurate, real-time view of their products and customers, enabling them to deliver a true 360-degree view. Customers can also execute data quality processes faster and at scale to meet critical service level agreements.

Trillium Quality allows its customers to use high-performance computes for distributed frameworks such as Spark, but the user interface could be more intuitive to improve the user experience.

Atacama vs. Exactly: comparison table

Atacama ONE Precise Trillium quality
Data masking Yes no
AI and ML Yes Yes
Record deduplication Yes Yes
Relationship Mapping Yes Yes
Address Validation Yes Yes

Atacama vs. Exactly: Function comparison

Data Quality Management

Ataccama ONE offers self-driving data quality management, requiring smart and fast data quality management. Ataccama leverages AI to deliver immediate results to its users and accelerate data quality projects. AI and metadata enable the smart automation of the platform. The platform also automatically applies data quality rules to ensure that users spend as little time as possible expanding the solution with new data sources.

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The solution is just as suitable for small teams at the very beginning of their data quality journey as it is for enterprise-wide data quality programs. Ataccama data quality features include deduplication, data masking, data standardization and cleansing, data quality monitoring and reporting, and external data enrichment.

Trillium Quality supports out-of-the-box or custom processes for cleaning, validating, linking and enriching business data for global data. This makes it possible for users to access, prepare, cleanse and standardize heterogeneous data sets. Trillium Quality users can also add missing reference data, such as latitude or longitude coordinates and post information.

With Trillium Quality, deduplicating records and uncovering relationships between companies, accounts and households is easy. Users can also link multiple data points to different data files to build a 360-degree entity view.

Data Detection

Ataccama recognizes that high-quality data is the key to the success of any business and that data discovery and data profiling are important first steps for data projects. Ataccama helps users make smarter and more informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes by providing them with comprehensive knowledge about the state of their data quality.

Organizations understand their data and discover avenues for improvement through data discovery and profiling. They can discover problems in their data, such as duplicates and incorrect and missing values. Ataccama provides metadata discovery and definition, as well as text analysis and unstructured data discovery.

Trillium Quality not only enables its users to access data in their organizations, but also to assess how complete and accurate the data is. Users can assess the accuracy and completeness of data to understand and understand data sources and their viability for critical use cases.

The first step to assessing data sources in Trillium Quality is to uncover defects and data relationships between data sets in one or more sources. Trillium Quality then allows users to analyze metrics that compare data to standards. These standards are expressed as user-defined logic, metadata, or industry requirements. Finally, the solution leverages extensive data connectivity options to assess business data such as APIs and relational databases.

Data integration

Ataccama delivers big data processing and data integration to enable users to discover and manage assets in their data lakes. Ataccama allows users to quickly understand and explore their data lakes, while processing and integrating massive amounts of data. They can also perform comprehensive data quality analysis before other required transformations occur.

The solution ensures that data is ready for further analysis at the right location and time in the right format. It provides general data processing, ETL and integration, IoT and streaming data integration, data catalogs and business dictionaries for data lakes, transformations, aggregations and data enrichment.

Trillium Quality provides integration with various data governance solutions. It uses out-of-the-box synchronized, bi-directional integration with Collibra’s data governance solution and with Data360 Govern to ensure users understand their data quality issues and ensure they have broad access to data quality solutions.

Trillium Quality empowers the right people in an enterprise with data quality monitoring and management tools to create and modify business rules and examine data quality results from a web interface. Users can quickly identify and recover data points that do not meet company standards.


Neither Ataccama nor Trillium Quality have publicly disclosed their pricing information. Prospective users should contact their respective sales teams for custom pricing information.

Choosing between Ataccama and Precisely

For teams working on a budget that cannot easily accommodate data management add-ons, Ataccama may be the right solution for you. They specifically offer free data profiling tools to help your business innovate and grow.

Other teams need more customer support from data professionals and platform experts. If that’s the case for your business, Precisely Trillium Quality may be a better solution for your needs. Trillium Quality is recognized and praised by customers for its top-notch customer support that simplifies the data quality learning curve.

While Ataccama ONE and Precisely Trillium Quality provide effective data management and quality tools, it’s important to remember that the success of these tools is determined by the internal processes and the workforce of an organization that supports them.

Looking for a different solution for your data governance needs? Consider these best data management tools in your search.

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