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Delhi High Court bans Sjoerd Marijne from publishing Gurjit Kaur’s medical condition | Hockey News

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Monday banned the former coach of the Indian women’s hockey team. Sjoerd Marijne and his publisher of mentioning about the medical condition of the celebrated national player Gurjit kauro.
A bench of judges Siddharth Mridul and Amit Sharma reversed an injunction from a standalone judge and granted a preliminary injunction on a plea by Kaur against the release of the book.
HC said it believes that the author of the book, which is scheduled to be released September 21, owes a “duty of care” to Kaur, who was under his care as an international hockey player, at all times. It stopped the publisher and marijne publish the book or any other related matter as it relates to Kaur’s medical condition.
The bank said the claim that Kaur’s teammates were aware of her medical condition does not help the publisher either, as they would also be bound by the code of conduct which clearly prohibits them from disclosing or disclosing the said information to third parties. to make. parties.
In view of the foregoing, both the publishers and the author listed as Defendants 1 and 2 in the present appeal have been barred by a preliminary injunction against publishing the subject book or any other matter related thereto or any other matter related to the subject book as far as it pertains to Gurjit Kaur’s medical condition,” the HC division bench said.
It noted that the coach was bound by the code of conduct which clearly required him not to disclose information entrusted to him in confidence, including for personal gain or advantage or to damage a person’s reputation. In her plea, Kaur complained that the former coach is proposing to disclose certain confidential information about her medical condition in his book. She said it is a gross violation of the confidentiality code to which the author was bound as a coach of the Indian hockey team. The publisher argued that there can be no confidentiality of a sports personality as far as it relates to the game and there can be no reasonable expectation about it.
Counsel said the player’s medical information was already in the public domain.
But HC underlined that the High Council has held that the right to protection of data, such as medical information, falls entirely within the realm of the reasonable expectation paradigm. It said there was nothing to establish that the medical information in the book was or is in the public domain until now.

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