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Apple hit by racist warnings

A hacker who infiltrated Fast Company sent obscene push notifications to the home screens of Apple News users.

A hacker who infiltrated Fast Company, a publication owned by Morningstar Inc. billionaire founder Joe Mansueto, sent obscene push notifications to Apple News users’ home screens on Tuesday night, shutting down the magazine’s website.

The US-based business magazine, published by Mansueto Ventures LLC, said on Twitter that “two obscene and racist push notifications were sent about a minute apart” after its content management system was hacked Tuesday night.

Apple Inc.’s news aggregation service, which manages stories from media providers, had 125 million monthly active users at the beginning of 2020. It was not immediately clear how many people received the push notifications. The company had 1.8 billion active device users at the beginning of this year.

Apple News said in a tweet that it has disabled Fast Company’s channel on its platform following the hack. Apple was not immediately available for further comment. In a separate statement to Bloomberg News, Fast Company said Tuesday’s hack follows an “apparently related hack” of its website that occurred Sunday afternoon, when similar language appeared on the site’s home page and other pages, shutting down the site. and recovered two hours later at that time.

Fast Company apologized to users who saw the post and said it is investigating the incident and shutting down both the feed and the website until the situation is assured. “The messages are despicable and inconsistent with Fast Company’s content and ethos,” it said.

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