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Gehlot exits congressional presidential race: ‘Given a message that everything happened while I wanted to be CM’

After days of will, won’t he, Rajasthan’s chief minister, Ashok Gehlot, finally pulled out of the Congress president’s election race on Thursday, saying he apologized to the party’s interim chief Sonia Gandhi. about what had happened in the state unit about the whole thing .

Gehlot, a three-time minister of state, described himself as a disciplined party soldier and expressed his sadness at the state of affairs. Asked if he will continue as prime minister, Gehlot said Sonia Gandhi will decide the matter.

Gehlot said he apologized to her for the developments on Sunday when MLAs backing him defied central observers and thwarted their attempt to hold a meeting of party lawmakers. Instead, they held a parallel meeting to advocate for Gehlot’s continuation or a guarantee that his Sachin pilot from the rival faction will not replace him.

“I had a meeting with the interim president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi. What happened two days ago shocked us. It gave a message that it all happened because I wanted to become CM. I apologized to her,” Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said after meeting Sonia Gandhi on Thursday.

I will not contest these elections in this atmosphere, with moral responsibility, Ashok Gehlot said.

When asked if he will remain Rajasthan CM, Gehlot said: “I will not decide that, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi will decide”.

The Congress party ran into a crisis when many of the MLAs boycotted a meeting with party observers a few days ago, announcing that they will not allow the prime minister to be elected from among those the government will be elected in July. have put 2020 at risk.

Gehlot added that he had decided to contest the poll when Rahul Gandhi refused his last attempt in Kochi, but has now decided not to run for election after what has happened in the state party in recent days.

“I met Rahul Gandhi in Kochi and asked him to fight in the polls [for Congress president]. When he didn’t accept it, I said I would challenge it, but now with that incident (the political crisis in Rajasthan), I’ve decided not to run in the elections,” Gehlot said.

With Gehlot out of the race, senior congressional leaders Shashi Tharoor and Digvijay Singh are the top contenders for the party’s presidential election on October 17.

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