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Google Maps Shows Off SOON; see how you benefit

Your Google Maps will be showing off new features in the coming months, such as Neighborhood Vibe, immersive view, eco-friendly route and more.

Google announced some interesting updates to the Google Maps app at its Search On 2022 event on September 28. However, these updates and features will appear in the Google Maps app in the coming months. Google suggests the new features are an attempt to build a visual first Maps experience to make navigation in the app more natural. Google has announced an interesting feature called “Neighborhood Vibe”, which is designed to give users instant insight into a specific neighborhood just in the Maps app. However, there are a whole host of other features that will soon be showing off your Google Maps app. Have a look.

Upcoming features of Google Maps

Neighborhood vibe function

Atmosphere check for your neighborhood? This strange feature will soon be launched on Google Maps, giving users an instant mood check of any neighborhood through photos and information from the Google Maps community. It basically shows you trendy places to highlight what is interesting there. The feature will be available to both Android and iOS users.

Immersive view of Google Maps

This new feature is designed to help users plan ahead before visiting a new city. The immersive display is a combination of computer vision and AI technology to show the Street View and aerial images with important information such as the weather, traffic and expected crowds for a given day and time. You will simply be able to explore by visually hovering over an area.

Live View Search Features

Google has announced that it will bring search functionality to Live View, which will allow you to use your camera to find essential places such as shops, ATMs and restaurants wherever you are. It will be beneficial for a place you do not know. However, this feature will be rolled out first in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo in the coming months.

Environmentally friendly route!

Yes, Google Maps’ eco-friendly route feature allows drivers to see and choose the most fuel-efficient route to their destination. According to Google, this is a small effort to extend the reach of the sustainability efforts that eco-routing offers. However, this feature will be previewed later this year in places where eco-friendly routing is available, such as the US, Canada and parts of Western Europe.

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