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After hack sends ‘obscene’ Apple News reports, Fast Company closes website

Fast Company shut down its website after the site was hacked and sent “obscene” notifications to Apple News users.

US business and media magazine Fast Company said it closed its website Tuesday night after the site was hacked and sent “obscene and racist” notifications to Apple users via the iPhone maker’s Apple News service.

News publishers using the Apple News aggregation app can connect their digital publishing tools to Apple News to send push notifications to Apple customers who subscribe to the publisher’s channel. Fast Company said hackers broke into those publishing tools.

Hackers sent two “obscene and racist push notifications” about a minute apart, Fast Company said in a tweet, adding that it had suspended the Apple News feed until the situation was resolved.

“We are investigating the situation and have suspended the feed and shut down FastCompany.com until we are sure the situation has been resolved,” the publication added.

Fast Company’s website was down and the page showed a 404 error when viewed by Reuters Tuesday night.

In a subsequent tweet after the shutdown, Fast Company said its content management system — software used by news outlets to publish and manage their stories — had been hacked to send the notifications.

Apple News said in a tweet that it had shut down Fast Company’s channel.

Fast Company said it had suffered a “seemingly related” hack of its website earlier Sunday afternoon, when similar language appeared on its homepage, which left the site offline for about two hours.

Fast Company is owned by publishing house Mansueto Ventures LLC.

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