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Shashi Tharoor’s reaction to face against Prime Minister Modi

Congress presidential candidate Shashi Tharoor said on Friday that only Congress can do a good fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2024 general election. However, Tharoor also acknowledged that the big old party “has to work a lot”, it is necessary for a?? mahagathbandhan or go to any state and form an alliance with the regional parties.

Speaking at a press conference in Bhopal, Tharoor said the congress should stop leaders from leaving the party, adding that “it is very necessary”.

He said he was pleased with the reception he received from partygoers in Madhya Pradesh and admitted that he was not so welcome in some states.

Speaking of Tharoor’s rival presidential candidate Mallikarjun Kharge, who has received support from several of the party’s senior leaders, the Thiruvananthapuram MP said: “I am not going to say anything to Kharge. He is a very senior leader.”

He went on to say that everyone should vote and listen to themselves and that no one has the right to tell anyone who to vote for.

Kharge is seen as a favorite for the top party post because of his alleged closeness to the Gandhi family. But Tharoor has reiterated time and again that the Gandhis have made it clear that they will remain neutral. The Congressional presidential poll will take place on October 17, and the results will be released on October 19.

Tharoor, of the Gandhi family, said they are loved by all. “It will be childish for any president of Congress to stay away from the Gandhi family. We will work with the Gandhi family.”

He also claimed that there is no difference between the BJP and its ideological wing Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh.

On Thursday, seeking votes from delegates at the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee office, Tharoor said he wanted to bring a “change” to the organisation. He also said he wanted to “bring back” voters who did not support Congress in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

“I want to change the party. I want to bring back those voters who were not on our side in 2014 and 2019,” he told delegates.

Tharoor acknowledges the “flaws in the system” within Congress and said the problem is that the party’s presidential elections have not taken place in the past 22 years. However, he insisted that the presidential elections will be held in a “free and fair” manner and that there will be no enmity with Kharge.

“This election is about two congressmen focusing on strengthening the party,” he said.

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