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BTS’ RM Discusses Collaboration With Pharrell Williams, Speaks Of ‘Confusion’ After Meeting Joe Biden: ‘Am I A Diplomat Or What?’

BTS’ RM confirmed the band’s collaboration with Pharrell Williams for the upcoming album Phriends Volume One. There has been recent speculation and buzz after RM’s solo album was announced, as many assumed he would be collaborating with Pharrell separately. In an interview with Rolling Stones, both musicians hinted at their collaboration and discussed their musical careers.

RM asked Pharrell if he had any projects in the pipeline and he replied, “Well, my project, it’s called . . . to be [under] my name, and the album title is Phriends. It’s the volume. You [BTS] are there, that’s for sure. And I’m actually talking about this more than I should, but it’s a song from my album that [BTS] sang and it’s great, and I’m super grateful.” RM replied that he simply “loves the song,” and Williams added that everyone who has heard the song has praised it.

Williams said, “But I’m just going to get this out. You said you’re 90 percent done with your solo album. But if you’re in that last 10 percent, if you need — you don’t need me, but I mean … RM replied that he would definitely need it and Williams said, “If you want it, we can do it. Uptempo? We’re going up-tempo.”

Speaking further about his solo album, RM said, “Like 90 percent of the work is done. I released some mixtapes as one of the members of the band, but it was just an experiment. I think it’s this time. may be my official first solo album. But it’s been about 10 years since we debuted as a team. K-pop is all about the band and the groups. And as I told you, I personally started my career as a rapper and as a poet. So that was actually a tricky part because K-pop is like a mix. It’s the mix of American pop music, other images, Korea and social media and stuff. It’s really intense and really hectic. It So it has its own pros and cons.” RM added that the band had become a social figure over the 10 years, and “they took it,” but after meeting President Biden, he felt quite confused. “I think I was really confused. was and I think, “What am I, a diplomat or what?”

When Pharrell Williams asked about the difficult period BTS had gone through during the year that caused them to distance themselves from group activities, RM said, “I was just a little rapper and lyricist when I was young. So it was 10 years, really. intense as a team. And I was actually in charge of almost all the interviews and represented the team in front of the other members. That was my role I guess. I think I really got it… I don’t know, “Yo, I need to put a stop to this for a moment. I have to shut it down and fall off it and then just see what’s going on,” which really calms my mind.”

He added: “It allowed me to focus on my solo [album]. Nowadays I’ve really thought about when I first listened to you, the first feeling and the atmosphere, and the reason I started, why I chose music my whole life, I guess.”

The solo album of BTS’ RM is expected to be released at the end of November. After Jin starts the mandatory military service process, the rest of the band is expected to follow suit, on their own schedule.

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