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Five lions that escaped from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo rescued and returned to their enclosure

Authorities had to impose a lockdown after five lions escaped from their enclosure at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. But now the lions are back in place. The zoo took the official Instagram handle and announced that an emergency had occurred at Taronga Zoo Sydney this morning when five lions were outside their enclosure. “The zoo has strict safety protocols for such an incident. All persons on site have been moved to safe areas and there are no injuries to guests or staff. All the animals are now in their exhibit where they are closely monitored,” the caption reads.

A total of four cubs and an adult were seen outside their enclosure around 6:30 a.m. A “code one” warning shortly after sent the zoo on lockdown. The police were called at 7:10 am and the lions returned to their enclosure just before 9 am.
Simon Duffy, executive director of Taronga’s operations, said during a conversation with the Guardian: “A twenty-foot fence separated them from the rest of the zoo. The zoo has very strict security protocols for such an incident and immediate action has been taken.”

An investigation is underway into how the animals escaped. Shortly after the lions were discovered outside their normal habitat, a loud duress alarm sounded. Neighbors could hear it.

A family who stayed overnight at the zoo as part of the luxury “roar and snore” program told the Sydney Morning Herald to “get out of their tent and run”.

Meanwhile, earlier, a video that went viral showed a man fearlessly playing football with a lion and two lionesses. The video shows the man putting on a blue suit and black sneakers and playing soccer with the three big cats. You can see the wild animals kicking the ball around with their paws. The lion and lionesses can be seen enjoying themselves and running towards the ball as it kicks.

Instagram users commented on the video with red heart emojis in the comments. One user wrote: “Aww so sweet to see them play like this and not eat the umpire.” Another person commented, “That sounds like so much fun.” Many users said, “Great.”

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