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SHOCKING DISMISSAL! Elon Musk fires huge number of Indian Twitter employees

In a horror mass layoff, Elon Musk has fired a large number of Indian Twitter employees in verticals such as communications, marketing, sales and engineering.

Just days after reports surfaced indicating that Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Twitter, will drive massive job cuts across all verticals on Twitter, there has been a shocking number of layoffs in India. Twitter India employees across multiple industries including communications, marketing, sales, engineering and others have been laid off. According to reports, entire teams have been knocked out in this mass culling. Earlier, Elon Musk had closed a number of Twitter offices around the world in preparation for the layoffs.

According to reports News18 fired Twitter India’s entire communications team. A large number of employees have also been laid off in Twitter India’s marketing and sales teams.

Large number of Twitter India employees laid off

These layoffs are part of a global job loss planned and executed by new owner and current CEO Elon Musk. He previously spoke about making the microblogging platform more cost efficient and economically viable. Immediately after taking charge of the company, Musk fired then-CEO Parag Agrawal, legal chief Vijaya Gadde and several other vertical officials.

Today, Nov. 4, Musk sent an email saying, “In an effort to put Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the arduous process of reducing our global workforce on Friday.”

Twitter went on to say that its offices will be temporarily closed and all access to badges will be suspended to “help ensure the security of every employee, Twitter systems and customer data.” Twitter employees not affected by the layoffs will also be notified via their corporate email addresses. While the dismissed employees will be notified with next steps on their personal email address.

“The layoff has begun. Some of my colleagues have received an email about this,” PTI reported quoting a Twitter India employee.

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