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Broken roads, flooding, mismanagement of waste among the main problems

Broken roads, flooding and mismanagement of waste are some of the major problems that residents of the national capital have faced for years, according to the Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) of North, East and South Delhi.

North Delhi RWA president Ashok Bhasin said 80 percent of the roads in their area are broken and sewage pipes around the slums need repair.

“The biggest problem we’ve had in the last 3 to 4 years has been broken roads. The condition of these roads and gullies (streets) is deplorable and 80 percent of the roads need to be repaired. Even the sewer lines around the slum are in the same condition,” Bhasin told PTI.

He also cited the rise in property taxes, user charges for tidiness in society and the “inefficient” management of issues raised by the societies as other concerns among residents.

“What has the Municipal Corporation in Delhi (MCD) been giving residents over the past 15 years? They have brought us zero benefits. Residents are threatened and are paying fines in the name of pollution by the authorities. Politicians are concentrating on publicity rather than developing public development,” he said.

BS Vohra, president of RWA in East Delhi, said the civil society should focus primarily on civilian infrastructure in the eastern part of the union territory.

He said that due to improper drainage systems, residents have problems with flooding during the rainy season. Pothole-riddled roads contribute to this problem. “Flooding is the biggest problem the residents of East Delhi have faced over the past two decades. During monsoons it is impossible to leave the house as all roads remain swampy for days. They come up with temporary solutions, but there has to be a concrete plan for that,” Vohra told PTI.

RWA member of Greater Kailash in South Delhi, Rajiv Kakariya, said there is a need to change the policy of the public authority as it becomes a “tender operator” instead of a “service provider”.

“There is policy paralysis and the MCD is becoming a tender operator. Rather, they would be the service provider and the executor,” Kakariya told PTI.

He said the standards for park use for community events should be changed by RWA, adding that better policies are also needed for the operation and installation of residential parking lots and colony gates.

“Apart from the problems with residential parking and colony gates, better policies are needed on municipal accountability for MCD services accountability and tree pruning,” he told PTI.

Former RWA Defense Colony President Ranjeet Singh said irregularities in waste collection are one of the biggest problems facing residents in the area.

“Unseparated collection of household waste is the main problem. Dengue cases are widespread and nothing is being done about it in societies. There is no regular cleaning of service lanes, probably due to staff shortages,” he added.

The vote for MCD will take place on December 4 and the votes will be counted on December 7.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has ruled the civil body since 2007.

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