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Center Checks Rahul Gandhi’s Tweet Claiming Indian Railways Privatized

The government said Sunday that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, in which he claimed the privatization of Indian Railways’ trains, railway property, stations and hospitals, is “completely fake and factually untrue”.

In a tweet, the fact-checking unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) referred to Gandhi’s post on the microblogging site. It said: “A tweet falsely claims that 151 Indian Railways trains, railway property, stations and hospitals have been privatized.”

It went on to say that these claims are “completely fake and factual” and clarified that the Ministry of Railways is not privatizing any of its assets.

Rahul Gandhi shared a video of the ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra campaign on Saturday, writing “Indian Railways connect the country” and mentioning its services including “providing services to 2.5 crore passengers per day and employment to 12 lakh people.” .” Speaking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that “the railways are owned by the country. Don’t privatize it. Reinforce it. Don’t sell it.”

In the video, Gandhi is seen in Telangana and interacting with railway union members who reportedly came to meet Rahul Gandhi to file a memorandum against “railway privatization.” Speaking to South Central Railway employees Sangh Assistant General Secretary, Bharani Bhanu Prasad, Gandhi asks “what part of Indian Railways are they (government) privatizing.” Prasad responds by stating: “Train stations, railway workshops, railway medical hospitals and railway facilities will be privatized.”

In a voiceover, Bharat said he had met the Congress leader and explained the privatization of Indian Railways in detail. He goes on to say that in the 170-year history of Indian Railways, “we have never seen or heard of the privatization of Indian Railways before. We are against this privatization.”

Gandhi is further told that privatization has already started and is being sold to ‘big companies’, including the Adanis. “A total of 151 trains have already been privatized,” Prasad said.

The memorandum does not aim to privatize the railways, create a new pension system for existing employees and fill all vacancies at Indian Railways.

The central government has reiterated that it had no plans to privatize the national carrier. “The opposition parties repeatedly claim an attempt to privatize the railways. I want to make it clear that the railways are a big complex organization… there is no policy to privatize the railways. There are no such plans at all,” Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw said in April.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already said that the central government does not intend to privatize the railways, he had said.

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