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‘If BJP were only one party…’: Shashi Tharoor loyalist hits back at Assam CM Sarma

Shashi Tharoor’s closest associate and Congress leader Salman Anees Soz hit back at Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for insinuating that the 1,072 deputies who voted for Tharoor in Congress’ presidential elections would soon join the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) .

On Twitter, Soz responded to Sarma’s comments: “I was one of the 1072 delegates who voted for @ShashiTharoor in the @INCIndia elections. We lost, but internal party democracy won. If BJP were the only party left, I would don’t join it. . It has too many bigots, cowards and opportunists for my taste. @himantabiswa”

The Assam CM focused on Congress during the presidential elections and questioned how Malikarjun Kharge winning the congress presidential elections can be considered as a sign of internal democracy in the party. Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS), Sarma said, “If Shashi Tharoor had won, I would have said democracy has arrived in Congress.”

When answering a question about Shashi Tharoor who garnered a lot of votes in the Congress presidential elections, Sarma said: “There are many good people in Congress and I am sure they will come to the BJP soon. These 1000 people who are on Shashi Tharoor voted I think they will be the people who will join the BJP after 6 months or 1 year”

On the issue of the pressure on the BJP to hold elections, Sarma said: “Our party has to hold elections, I don’t know who my next president will be because he (JP Nadda) is there except every BJP president to get BJP -to become president. must go through a democratic process and I am sure he will not be remote controlled and he will not be a face to be ignored. He will always be a man of substance, he will be selected through deliberation and he will not be the son of a leader of a great political leader”

Earlier, Shashi Tharoor had also dismissed Sarma’s claims saying, “Those who show courage will never join the BJP. It is those who don’t have the courage to fight might be tempted to do so.”

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