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Political strategist Prashant Kishor rules out possibility of contesting elections

The political strategist turned activist, Prashant Kishor ruled out the possibility of running in the election himself, but reiterated his pledge to build a “better alternative” to his home state of Bihar.

At a press conference here on Saturday, he criticized JD(U) leaders who claimed he was a “dhandhebaaz” (trader) with little political acumen, and challenged them to ask Chief Minister Nitish Kumar “why did he stay for two years”.

“Why should I contest polls? I have no such ambitions,” snapped the I-PAC founder when repeatedly asked if he intended to enter the electoral arena himself.

He spoke on the eve of the district congress, for West Champaran, which is scheduled for Sunday, when people will be asked whether the “Jan Suraaj” campaign should become a political party.

Kishor, who is part of a 3,500-km-long state ‘padayatra’, said similar polls will be held in all districts of the state to determine the next action.

Kisor claimed that Kumar will once again shower him with accolades if he joins his “political venture”.

“Since I set an independent course for myself, he and his lackeys are not satisfied with me,” he said.

“JD(U) leaders like to berate me. They should ask Nitish Kumar what I was doing in his house for two years if I had no political understanding,” he added.

In response to a question, Kishor said he had no remorse for having worked with Kumar in the past.

“There is a world of difference between what he (Kumar) was 10 years ago and what he is now. He had resigned his seat in 2014 for being morally responsible for his party’s beating in the Lok Sabha polls. Now he is ready to make any kind of compromise to stay in power,” Kishor said.

Mocking the government’s big alliance promise of 10 lakh jobs a year, Kishor said, “I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – if they keep the promise, I’ll give up my campaign.”

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