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This happens when issues come up in parliament, Rahul Gandhi says, turning off the microphone

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of unleashing an “economic tsunami” by carrying out demonetization in November 2016.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is spreading violence, hatred and fear in the country, Gandhi said, adding that the media, which is also in the hands of few industrialists, is spreading fear and hatred.

“If you raise issues like China, demonetization in parliament, your microphone will be turned off,” the congress leader claimed.

Gandhi turned off his microphone twice and said, ‘We started this Bharat Jodo Yatra because the media may not be in a position to highlight us. And look what happened to us in Parliament.”

At a meeting in Nanded district of central Maharashtra on the 63rd day of his Bharat Jodo Yatra, he also said that projects such as the military aircraft company Tata-Airbus and the semiconductor factory Vendanta-Foxconn were taken from the state and given to Gujarat. because of the Assembly elections in the neighboring state.

“These projects will be given to two to three industrialists who are the prime minister’s friends, and the wealth of the country is piling up in their hands. Ports, infrastructure, telecom and agricultural sectors have been given to these people,” Gandhi said.

Referring to his encounters with locals during the day, he said that a young boy told him about the lack of practical training in the country which means there are no jobs, while a little girl told him that her parents love her brother more than they do. love them love her.

“Gender discrimination is not good, and a country that does not respect women is not moving forward. The young boy understands what the top bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education don’t understand,” he said.

Large industrial houses do not generate employment, the congress leader said, adding that public sector units and small businesses create jobs, but they are destroyed by the Union government.

The country’s youth want to join the military to serve the country, but the “Modi government has given them four years to serve the country,” he said, referring to the Agnipath plan.

“China has taken our country, but the prime minister denies, then why are negotiations taking place between the two armies,” the congress leader asked.

Earlier, while interacting with several delegations that met him in the afternoon, Gandhi claimed that demonetization – withdrawing the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 six years ago – was not only a mistake, but also part of the BJP’s strategy to to keep power and put money in the pockets of a few.

It unleashed an “economic tsunami” and the country is still bearing the brunt of it, he said.

The goods and services tax was imposed on the country because the BJP wanted to finish the SME sector, he claimed.

This was the Congress leader’s third day in Maharashtra. His foot march entered the state Monday night.

On Wednesday, he and his associates walked from the Shankarnagar area in Biloli to Naigaon and continued on to Krushnoor.

Along the way, Gandhi interacted with Koli community leaders coming from Mumbai and discussed issues such as Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) violations and violations.

He also met members of cooperatives and a delegation of unorganized sector workers.

He also spoke about the NYAY scheme promised by Congress ahead of the 2019 polls that guaranteed a minimum annual income of Rs 72,000 for each poor family.

Congress has always believed that the cooperative system is a tool for planned economic development and given the agricultural sector and cooperatives a high priority in five-year plans, he said.

The lack of government support for the cooperatives was a major reason the sector was on the brink of collapse, he said.
Gandhi and his associates walked 15 miles on Wednesday, finishing the day in Vajirgaon Phata.

The foot march started on September 7 from Kanyakumari and will cover 3,750 km to reach Srinagar. “There is a difference between walking on the road and traveling in vehicles. If you want to listen to people, there’s no point in traveling in vehicles,” the congress leader said.

Former Union minister Shivraj Patil walked with Rahul Gandhi for a while during the day. Former MPs Hussain Dalwai and Sanjay Nirupam also joined Gandhi during the Yatra.

(with PTI inputs)

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