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This Markdown based kanban task manager is now $14.99

Available on all major platforms, imdone works with your favorite code editor.

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When we talk about getting things done, it’s usually with personal productivity in mind; however, the biggest drain on productivity in most engineering teams is poor coordination. If your team is affected by this issue, I’m ready maybe can help.

With this kanban style task management app, managers get an instant overview of progress while keeping staff organized using simple Markdown commands. It even works with your favorite text editor. Lifetime access normally costs $25 for two devices. But in a special deal for TechRepublic readers, you can: get imdone today for only $14.99.

Most project management software is designed to cater to different teams. As a result, you end up with apps that are both bloated with unnecessary features, while lacking specialized tools that your team may want to use. Imdone, on the other hand, has a very clear focus: teams that work with code and stay organized with kanban boards.

Available on all major desktop platforms, including various flavors of Linux, the app lets you create and edit cards within your kanban board using Markdown. It can also automatically find TODO comments so you can track issues and create new linked cards in seconds.

Just as importantly, imdone lets you navigate using keyboard shortcuts, and the app plays nicely with Atom, VS Code, your system editor, and custom commands. You can even connect it to GitHub, if you need to. In terms of family tree, imdone is already used by people at Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and Google, among others. Many freelancers also use it. The mix of features is ideal for both companies and individuals in the tech industry.

Order today for only $14.99 to transform your workflow with this powerful task manager and save yourself 40% off the price of lifetime access on two devices.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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